In our Essaywriter.or review, you will see how this writing company offers a range of different services for students of varying ages and students that are struggling to complete their coursework.

In this Essaywriter.or review, you will see how their prices are rather low, and how they are able to complete your essays for you on time. They do it by hiring a range of over-qualified and under-qualified writers to complete student projects. Due to their flexible notions surrounding their writer’s qualifications, they are willing to give any project a go. If you are not happy with their attempt, then they offer a money-back guarantee.


If you are looking for high school standard, then it will cost you $13.00 per page. If you are looking for college work, then it will cost you $15.00 per page. If you are looking for University level work, then it will cost $17.00 per page. Master’s work starts at $20.00 per page, and Ph. D. level work starts at $25.00 per page. Their prices change depending on the deadline you choose and the type of paper you choose. The total cost of your paper will also change depending on the number of pages you order.

List of Services

They are willing to take on a range of different papers that run all the way up to PH.D level. They are willing to take on all types of projects, so you may submit your assignment and consider it done. If they are unable to complete your project, they will send it back either refusing to take the project on, or saying that they need more time than you have allotted. They are not viciously popular, which means their schedules are rarely clogged up. They offer a range of services to the point where there are too many to list, so here are some of their most frequently requested:

They’ll take on your methodology work, book reports presentations, book report/review, introduction chapters, discussions, thesis writing, book reviews, term paper, personal statements, lab report, article critique, reaction papers, annotated bibliographies, dissertations, thesis proposals, research proposals, research paper, article critiques, research paper evaluations, case studies, movie review, research papers, admission essays, case study, results, literature reviews, coursework, speech/presentation, results analysis, scholarship essays, abstracts, article, term papers, resumes, reference sections, coursework, speeches, reaction paper, custom essays, and they will complete any articles you require.

Discounts and Free Features

They have a money-back guarantee that says you may have your money back if you use up all of your revisions and are still not happy. They have lifetime discounts that are applied as you use the service. You get 5% for a lifetime if you spend more than $500, you get 10% for a lifetime if you spend than $1000, and you get 15% for a lifetime if you spend more than $2000 with the company. You have to sign up in order to have the discounts applied.

Customer Support

We were given straight answers to our questions when we contacted their customer service department. If you want to contact the company, then do not do it by mail because their physical location exists, but their company is not registered in the building (which is a little odd). They have a chat system that claims to be 24/7, but it is not. Your best bet is to either call them on their international phone line, or send them an email. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting an answer to your question.

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